ATEM(映像メディア英語教育学会)東日本支部 2024年度・夏季例会発表募集















5.連絡先(メールアドレス; 複数名で1つの発表の場合はその発表の代表者の連絡先)

6. 使用言語

7.発表概要(日本語の場合は400字程度、英語での発表は200-300 words)


Call for Presentations at the ATEM Higashinihon Chapter Study Meeting on May 26, 2024

Dear ATEM Members:

ATEM Higashinihon Chapter will hold a Study Meeting at Reitaku University Shinjuku Satelite Campus, on May 26 (Sun.), 2024. We are planning on making the meeting Face-to-face (Presentations will be made at the venue, no online presentations). Also, real-time live broadcast (streaming) is being considered for remote participants, but this is subject to change depending on circumstances, so please check the website for details.

We are calling for presentations on English education (language education) that uses visual and/or audio multimedia including movies, TV dramas, Youtube, etc. Your presentation should focus on class activities, the development of language teaching materials, theoretical or empirical studies, or cross-cultural communication studies, etc. We also welcome proposals for workshops on those fields or topics.

Each presentation will be 20 minutes with 5-10 minutes of Q and A. (This may be adjusted depending on the number of presentations and the related projects. Please note that you will be notified of your presentation request (acceptance or rejection) approximately one week after the application deadline. 

We will contact you about the details later. 

Application Period: To April 30, 2024

Acceptance notice will be sent by email around a week after the application deadline. 

We would appreciate it if presenters could come to the venue as much as possible to avoid possible networking problems. If you wish to make an online presentation from outside the venue, please inform us at the time of application.

When submitting a proposal, please provide the following information by an attached Word file to the ATEM Higashinihon Chapter Office 


1 Please title your email as “ATEM Higashinihon Presentation Proposal.” 

2 Presentation title 

3 Name 

4 Affiliation 

5 Email address

6 Language of presentation

7 Abstract (400 letters in Japanese or 200 to 300 words in English)