ATEM東日本支部 第2回東北特別研究会 研究発表募集



会場:仙台協立第一ビル 4階(4E)map


研究発表募集要項:以下の必要事項を電子メール本文に記載し,東北大学 中村佐知子 sachiko.nakamura.b6 @にお送りください。

  1. 発表題目(日本語発表の場合は日本語,英語発表の場合は英語で)
  2. 発表者全員の氏名
  3. 発表者全員の所属
  4. 連絡先(代表者のメールアドレス,緊急時連絡先電話番号(携帯電話番号等))
  5. 発表概要(400字以内、英語での発表は200 words 以内)


Announcement of Call for Presentations for the 2nd Special Tohoku Area Study Session of ATEM (The Association of Teaching English through Multimedia)

The East Japan branch of ATEM will be holding its second Tohoku area study session at Sendai Kyoritsu Daiichi Building in September, and we are now starting the call for presentations at this meeting. Please check the details below and apply, or just come to the session if interested.

Time and Date: September 23rd (Sunday), from 1:00 PM (not fixed)

Place: Sendai Kyoritsu Daiichi Building, 4th floor map

Deadline for applying for presentation: August 30th (Thursday)

Acceptable applications: This study session does not have a specifically set theme, so we will be accepting as many applications as we can regarding the use of multimedia and visual media (from videos to movies to music to digital media) and how it can be used in the EFL or foreign language classroom. The three general areas of presentation are: practical classroom application, materials development, and language teaching theory. If you have any questions, please ask through the e-mail provided below. Presentations should be about 20 minutes long, allowing for about 10 minutes for questions and answers and 10 for changing speakers.

To apply to speak at this meeting, please e-mail the following information to Sachiko Nakamura at: sachiko.nakamura.b6 {at mark} tohoku {dot} ac {dot} jp.

  1. Presentation title (in the language that you will be presenting in)
  2. Name(s) of all presenters
  3. The affiliation(s) of all presenters
  4. Contact information (preferred e-mail address and phone number in case of emergency)
  5. Abstract (400 characters or less if in Japanese, or about 200 words in English)