May The Force Be With The New ATEM!


ATEM President Makoto KURATA
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me to start off my last presidential greetings by apprising you that we have grown out of our old mold and embarked on the second chapter of ATEM. Needless to say, ATEM is not simply our acronym and logotype any longer, but it is our official organizational name, which now stands for “The Association for Teaching English through Multimedia.” We will soon be finished with our homepage renovation, so we can showcase online what the purposes and objectives of the new ATEM are, and how meaningful it is to be a part of this unique organization.

I hope you remember that the above is the end result of a change which I pledged to develop when I was sworn in as President of ATEM five years ago. I suggested then that we ascend to a point where we begin enlarging our pedagogical parameters in order to attract more educators and researchers to our organization from a wider variety of academic fields, such as linguistics, literature, area studies, communication studies, and so forth. Now that our groundwork is almost done, we can step forward to make our organization further flourish by increasing our enrollment. Please positively publicize this good news to your colleagues as well as to all other interested people. Also fill them in on what a treasure trove of informative and innovative ideas the new ATEM is bound to become.

Aside from my brief description of where we stand, I would like to call your attention to what we can look forward with a great deal of anticipation to in the 2018 the 24th National Convention at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies on Saturday, October 27th. The 2018 pedagogical powwow is to take place under the theme of “Exploring Teaching English through Multimedia.” My successor and the other new directors are to be introduced at the general assembly, which will be immediately followed by an appealing array of academic speeches and symposia. Given at the end of the one-day conference is a special keynote speech by Professor Garr Reynolds (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies). Professor Reynolds, who is a highly acclaimed presentation specialist, will familiarize the attendees with the art of storytelling by giving them a number of surprising secrets and examples. I would like to encourage as many members of ours as possible to partake in this immensely interesting and informative meeting of the minds. Please be advised that you should make hotel reservations at your earliest convenience, as Kyoto is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Japan, and there may not be many decent hotel rooms available in the city unless you reserve them early enough. Secondly, held about a month prior to our own national convention is STEM’s 2018 international conference, the theme of which is “Contemporary Superheroes: EFL Teachers for multimedia literacies in educational settings.” Our Korean partner organization is pairing up this year with two other renowned Korean academic associations, which are KASEE (The Korea Association of Secondary English Education) and SETA (Secondary English Teacher’s Association). This collaborative international conference will be held at Konkuk University in Seoul from September 14 through September 16. Let us mingle with our Korean colleagues in the capital of South Korea!

ATEM friends, may I conclude my last greetings by thanking you from the bottom of my heart for what you have kindly done for me in the five years of my tenure as ATEM President? May the force be with the New ATEM!