ATEM now stands for The Association for Teaching English through Multimedia


ATEM President Makoto KURATA
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great excitement that I inform you that ATEM, our long-held acronym and the new name of our association it will stand for, was unanimously approved as our official organizational name at the general assembly of our 23rd National Convention held at Otaru University of Commerce on November 11, 2017. As already declared above in the headline, the acronym now stands for the Association for Teaching English through Multimedia. By slightly changing our official name and its representation, we have significantly expanded our academic caliber and parameters. We can now make use of not simply movies and dramas, but also other forms of audio-visual media such as TV commercials, newsreels, public speeches, pop music, Youtube clips, online advertisements, and even various aspects of technological gadgets. Kindly note that our official name and new logotype will come into effect on April 1st, 2018. Please do talk to your colleagues and friends about what the new ATEM is up to and welcome many interested outsiders to our academic arena.

Apart from my introduction of our new official name, please allow me to describe what else happened at the beautiful venue of our 23rd National Convention. As you know very well, our 2017 conference was organized under the theme of “Understanding Society and Language through Visual Media.” My humble opening speech was immediately followed by the wonderful words of congratulations and camaraderie from President Pyun, Mootae (Yongin Songdam College). Just for your reference, Dr. Pyun has recently been elected President of the Society for Teaching English through Media (STEM) and has been going all out to develop even a better rapport with us. Speaking of STEM, this year’s special speaker representing our partner organization was Dr. Ryu, Do Hyung (Kookmin University), whose presentation title was “Uniting Film-Based English Education to Block Coding Through Implicit Learning.” I would like to thank Dr. Ryu very much for such an interesting speech she painstakingly developed for us. My gratitude also goes to Mr. Yusuke Nagashima, (The Institute for International Business Communication), Professor Hiromi Hagi (Kyoto Sangyo University), and Professor Minako Fukui (Kyoto Sangyo University), all of whom coped convincingly with TOEIC on the basis of their statistical data as well as their educational expertise, and cut across the interests of many people in the audience. We also enjoyed a thought-provoking array of speeches, symposia, poster sessions, and publishers’ exhibitions, all of which worked up to climax in the special lecture delivered by Dr. Eijyun Senaha. Professor Senaha dealt dexterously with the theme of “Cinematic Presentation of Alternative Facts: Teaching Gender and Sexuality in Classroom.” Everybody in the audience was so overwhelmed and silenced by Dr. Senaha’s insightful thoughts and remarks that you could have heard a pin drop in the lecture hall. In a nutshell, I would say the 2017 convention came off really well, and I feel indebted to all the members of Hokkaido Chapter who broke their backs trying to develop such a memorable meeting of the minds.

Last if not the least, I am pleased to announce that our 24th national convention will take place at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (KUFS) on Saturday, October 27th, 2018. KUFS has recently completed constructing a new eye-pleasing and innovative building, and we are thinking of using a part of it for the next year’s attention-getting multimedia conference. Please do consider making a pedagogical pilgrimage to the educational establishment located in the center of Kyoto on 10/27 and taking in some of the picturesque sights in the autumnal ancient capital the following day. Thank you for your kind attention.